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2019/01/07 10:37:35 (permalink)

Dummies question

Please, don't tell go to see a reseller or whatever. I am just trying to understand all the Fortinet products, and how I can sell them to my associates.
We are a small company, having a very weak and insecure network. I want to make it stronger and safer, either Wifi and LAN. I am not a network guy, so forgive my technical weakness.
To prepare my budget, for a basic network system, behind our internet box (yes), does a controller Fortigate201E and 2/3 access points (223E), is enough material to start building something ? Do I need other material ?
What I wan't to do, basically : 
- Give wireless access to my employees, give my visitor a dedicated access.
- being able to filter the content on both wifi network
- Manage internal wifi and lan access
- antivirus
- VPN access to my internal network (with access management per user
Thanks for your kindness

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    Re: Dummies question 2019/01/07 11:36:27 (permalink)
    Sounds like FortiGate+FortiAPs would cover those requirements. What model to choose is based on the size of devices/users and bandwidth of internet circuits. 200E series might overkill depending on them. There are 100E, 80E, and 60E exist below 200E.
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    Re: Dummies question 2019/01/07 12:56:48 (permalink)
    if you want to use forti switches in the near future, I recommend you the 100E. From this you can define aggregate ports, not with smaller models.

    Fortigate 500E HA
    Fortimail 200
    FortiSandbox 1000D
    FortiSwitch Network
    Some other Models in use :-)
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    Re: Dummies question 2019/01/07 13:06:55 (permalink)
    Welcome to the forums.
    The benefit of a reseller is that they may be better able to scale a model for your needs. The number of employees, speed of Internet pipe, enabled features, number of tunnels, etc all play a part in deciding what level of firewall to purchase. Throwing stuff at a wall to see what sticks isn't a great approach.

    -Bob - self proclaimed posting junkie!
    See my Fortigate related scripts at:

    FWF80CM (4)
    FWF81CM (2)
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    Re: Dummies question 2019/01/09 09:17:26 (permalink)


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    Re: Dummies question 2019/01/10 02:59:35 (permalink)
    Hi F.
    in regards of what you want to do, the combination of FortiGate and APs should provide what you are asking for feature wise. Keep in mind though how to distribute power and ethernet for your endpoints and APs. You might want to consider PoE capable switches if you dont have them already.
    Anyway to buy Fortinet equipment you need to get in touch with a reseller. If you are not into networking yourself as you say you might want to ask an expert in that occasion to look on your sizing and your current network to get a good offer and design going.
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