IP and Mac is synced but standalone-mgmt-vdom setting is enabled

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2020/11/16 17:11:11 (permalink)

IP and Mac is synced but standalone-mgmt-vdom setting is enabled

Is the expected result of the management vdom's IP and Mac syncing with the standby device when the standby device reboots even though the standalone-mgmt-vdom setting is enabled?
This is the active device's ha setting and the firmware version is 6.0.8.

config system ha
set group-id 23
set group-name "giosis_korea"
set mode a-p
set sync-packet-balance disable
set password ENC KSHNfQEYgQnPAtrgLBaPJLE+T23CbzqB9CECWOtrTM92oySSTNZ71DYhs5zcqNKzAX6e5ohKAAKmzCL2ApKi/AM9uF1w7MPhhIdvm9C3fORtFwZnWLzRfJqU1J4kPs/ny7jK6SsnbkvVwfRVcCgJhrByF8Qmg/5ufMPgX0GBoTIEk8fRbgVuL3+fMo+3MZ8w37PBjQ==
set hbdev "port1" 50 "port2" 50
unset session-sync-dev
set route-ttl 10
set route-wait 0
set route-hold 10
set multicast-ttl 600
set sync-config enable
set encryption disable
set authentication disable
set hb-interval 2
set hb-lost-threshold 6
set hello-holddown 20
set gratuitous-arps enable
set arps 5
set arps-interval 3
set session-pickup enable
set session-pickup-connectionless disable
set session-pickup-delay disable
set link-failed-signal disable
set uninterruptible-upgrade enable
set standalone-mgmt-vdom enable
set ha-mgmt-status disable
set ha-eth-type "8890"
set hc-eth-type "8891"
set l2ep-eth-type "8893"
set ha-uptime-diff-margin 1
set vcluster2 disable
set override disable
set priority 200
set monitor "dmz1" "dmz2" "port16"
unset pingserver-monitor-interface
set pingserver-failover-threshold 0
set pingserver-slave-force-reset enable
set pingserver-flip-timeout 60
unset vdom
set memory-compatible-mode disable
set inter-cluster-session-sync disable

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