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2020/03/13 11:21:05 (permalink)

Diag debug flow

Hi, i'm driving crazy.
I don't know how to diag debug on 6.0.9. 
P.s: I need to check why SIP packets are sent on the wrong interface, and why if i packet capture packets from lan (DDNS) and wan2, the ddns request it's showed on lan capture but not in wan2 capture...

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    Re: Diag debug flow 2020/05/19 05:23:57 (permalink)
    either use packet sinffer or flow debug
    flow is used like this:
    diag debug enable
    diag debug flow filter clear
    (diag debug flow filter without further params shows the current list of filters)
    diag debug flow filter <filter>
    (you do want to filter out the traffic you want to see in order to not go crazy *g*)
    (you can set more then one filter, like saddr <ip> and daddr <ip> by using the command multiple times)
    diag debug flow trace start <numberofpackets>
    So if you want to see all traffic from to you would do
    diag debug enable
    diag debug flow filter clear (empty all the filter settings first)
    diag debug flow filter saddr
    diag debug flow filter daddr
    you coud do diag dbug flow filter afterwards to see if all is set correctly
    diag debug flow trace start 100 (trace 100 packets)
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