Hot!explicit proxy + kerberos + captive portal

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2019/11/25 09:47:55 (permalink) 6.2

explicit proxy + kerberos + captive portal

I had worked on this for a week, however no result :c

Does anybody have tested a scenario, when we have explicit proxy with kerberos and captive portal as a fallback?
The result I expect:
the workstation inside domain needs to use kerberos.
the workstation outside domain needs to use captive portal.

Actually, I have tested two auth rules : {basic, negotiate}, {form-based}. The priority is descending. Kerberos works well in contrast form-based. Instead of captive portal I see "proxy is refusing connection", but html page of form comes to workstation (have checked using wireshark).

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    Re: explicit proxy + kerberos + captive portal 2019/12/03 00:09:51 (permalink)
    Hi mdraevich,
    this is quite old post, but anyway. It's difficult to guess what you want to achieve without any config snippet at all, but let me give it a try.
    First I noticed in your post is "priority" in auth-rules. There are no priorities. Either rule matches or not. It's matching based *typically* on src address.
    I think your non-domain users simply match the same auth-rule, but not having any credentials to provide, proxy is refusing them. Maybe.
    If it's still actual, please try to uncover more about your (seemingly interesting) setup.
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