multiple subnet routing via single interface

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2019/10/10 02:34:49 (permalink)

multiple subnet routing via single interface

Currently we have setup as L3 have Vlan with multiple subnet 
subnet 1 :10.x.x.x
subnet 2 :172.20.x.x

now currently all system from 172.20.x.x can ping to 10.x.x.x but only 10.x.x.230 ip is not able to ping or access
but from same subnet 10.x.x.x it's pinging & accessible.
no access list is there , IP routing is enable

now setup is that L3( is connected to firewall port 7 ( and ip default route is there for all L3 traffic to targeted to firewall.

now my qu is if i want to pass traffic from firewall of 172.20.x.5 ( a particular ip) to  10.x.x.230  both share the same interface  will it be possible.
if not can any  have information why i am not able to ping 10.x.x.230 from 172.20.x.x ( its A cisco swtich)
note: nothing is block on the system as we are able to access form IP sec tunnel from different location
add-on info : I did tracert 10.x.x.230 its hitting to 172.20.x.253 then packet is dropped which is 172.20.x.x vlan getway
 for other ip like 10.x.x.245 tracert is successful from 172.20.x.x series

Thanks in advance

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    Re: multiple subnet routing via single interface 2019/10/10 08:52:45 (permalink)
    First, what are the subnet masks /8 and /16? How about port7? /24?
    Then do all GWs of the subnets exist on the FGT? If so 10.x.x.230 should be reachable from all other subnets as long as proper policies exist.
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