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2019/08/16 07:52:27 (permalink)

Problem with STATIC URL filter Profil

I have Fortigate 200E and I want configure a web filtre on many profil , I'v creat the profils but when I added or deleted URL from profil its added or delete from the athers profils
Can you help me please 
thx for help 

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    Re: Problem with STATIC URL filter Profil 2019/08/16 08:22:48 (permalink)
    Try not to clone a profile but create it from scratch
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    Re: Problem with STATIC URL filter Profil 2019/08/16 10:17:25 (permalink)
    Cloning the web profile doesn't clone the urlfilter profile tied to it, which is still a separate section (which you can peak at in the configuration file via text editor or the CLI. 
    The URLfilter entries are under the config webfilter urlfilter section. 
    Each entry in the config webfilter profile section has a sub-section called config web with a "set urlfilter-table" value set to point to the "index" value of the URLfilter entry (under config webfilter urlfilter).
    All the above is hidden in the GUI.  If you do plan to clone a webfilter profile but do not want it linked to the original urlfilter filter list then you should uncheck/recheck the url filter option on the new cloned webfilter profile - the old linking should be gone, leaving a blank urlfilter list. 
    The other option if you want a "cloned" copy of the urlfilter entry would be to copy that section in the urlfilter to a new section, update the index value and change the value of set urlfilter-table in the new webfilter profile entry.

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    Re: Problem with STATIC URL filter Profil 2019/08/16 19:24:22 (permalink)
    Web rating overrides can be assigned to Local Categories.  Local Categories are constant across all profiles.  However you can allow or deny local categories per profile.
    I have setup local categories in tiers (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3).  Then setup profiles based on Groups (HR, Marketing, Finance, IT)  I can then set my web rating overrides based on who does / does not need access.
    Group A | Allow Deny Deny
    Group B | Allow Allow Deny
    Group C | Allow Allow Allow
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