Hot!Not getting Internet signal on FortiGate 60E....

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2019/06/24 12:38:12 (permalink)

Not getting Internet signal on FortiGate 60E....

We just bought a FortiGate 60E for our small business, and we haven't been able to get Internet connection yet. We have a Netgear Modem which gets the signal via coaxial cable, then that Modem is supposed to go to the FortiGate unit, then this unit will communicate to a UniFi Switch to distribute the WiFi signal. We are using a static IP provided by our ISP. Right now, we are using a LinkSys Router, as a temporary solution, but we really want to use our new FortiGate 60E. I've entered the IP addresses in the 'wan' section, and also on the 'lan' portion of it, I have something like as the Gateway, and allowing 100 devices/IP Addresses to join the network. Not sure what am I missing, because everything looks fine, but I'm not getting Internet yet. When you see the 'Connection Properties', I can see it has the right IP address, and DNS servers and all that. And it actually says 'IPv4 - Internet'. Is there a hidden setting that I might be missing?? Or what do you guys think could be a way to troubleshoot this?? Also, when I go the the command prompt, and try to PING my Static IP, I'm not getting a response. 
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Re: Not getting Internet signal on FortiGate 60E.... 2019/06/24 15:59:37 (permalink)
Hey Daniel,
What do your policies look like?  You will need rules for traffic from the lan to the wan.  Also what about your (static) default route configuration?  You obviously need a route to your ISP's router for
I'd be happy to take a look and help you get rolling if you want to send me your config or do a remote screen sharing session.
- Daniel
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