Hot!Fortigate 30E 5.6 - can't access GUI, "httpsd" takes up 99% CPU

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2019/01/11 22:18:43 (permalink)

Fortigate 30E 5.6 - can't access GUI, "httpsd" takes up 99% CPU

I have a 30E that has stopped responding to the web GUI on all interfaces (SSH and local console port CLI works fine). The device is otherwise forwarding traffic normally, but I need to access the GUI.
Doing "diag sys top 30 50" shows that the process "httpsd" is constantly using 99.5% CPU. If I kill the process using "diag sys kill 9 <pid>", it restarts, but immediately begins climbing in CPU usage until it hits 99%.
I would REALLY like to not have to reset this device. What can I do to fix this? Rebooting the device does not fix the problem.
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    Re: Fortigate 30E 5.6 - can't access GUI, "httpsd" takes up 99% CPU 2019/01/12 20:47:52 (permalink)
    # fnsysctl killall httpsd
    That would kill all of them. Then, if still escalates quickly before you can log on via GUI, a reboot is the next step. I don't know which 5.6 you're running, but you probably need to upgrade it to the latest. If it's 5.6.7 already, please open a case with TAC. It's likely a bug.
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