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2018/10/08 01:00:08 (permalink)

Fail to create a custom report

I'm having troubles with custom reports. It seems to be an easy task, I just wanna see violations of a single policy so I create new blank report, choose period and devices, add filters - Policy ID equal to 208 (btw what is the difference between policy_id and policyid? I tried both) and it seems to be all I need, right? But when I run this report it comes out just blank.

Is there anything else I need to configure? Do I have to add something on Layout page to make it work? Please help, I couldn't find any detailed tutorials, just do 1,2,3 and here are your report, that's what I do and it doesn't work.
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Re: Fail to create a custom report 2018/10/08 08:49:37 (permalink)
When dealing with Custom reports , we need to pay attention to couple of points here:
  • The  Dataset should  return some data
  • Chart shouled be verified  
  • Desired chart must be inserted to the Report
I have created below dataset , you may try this one:

SELECT policyid AS "PolicyId" , devname as "DeviceName", count(*) AS "#PolicyBeingUsed"
FROM $log
WHERE $filter AND policyid!=0
GROUP BY "PolicyId", "DeviceName"
ORDER BY "#PolicyBeingUsed" desc

Let me know how it goes. 
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Re: Fail to create a custom report 2018/11/15 21:55:56 (permalink)
What version of FAZ are you using?
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