Blocking SelfishNet application

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2018/07/16 04:34:09
is there any possible way to Block running SelfishNet application  and Similar applicaion (Netcut ...etc) on my FG100d device ??
i want to block it to maintain a stable state of my lan  Pc's   !??
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Re: Blocking SelfishNet application 2018/07/17 01:06:57
As SelfishNet and Netcut use ARP cache poisoning there is not much a firewall can do. ARP is a Layer 2 protocol so the firewall (as a router) is not involved.
The only remedy seems to install a static ARP entry for the gateway, e.g.  in Windows
arp -s <IP address of gw> <MAC address of gw>
beside tools like arpwatch which could alert you to changes of IP/MAC pairs.