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2018/07/11 09:20:51 (permalink)

Best alternative to FS-124E-FPOE

So I have a big project coming up but I have a problem, our distri in the Netherlands cannot give us a delivery time of the FS-124E-FPOE switches. They asked multiple times but they cannot get a delivery time on this product, it looks like it's a populair product. 
For almost 2 weeks nobody is capable of giving me an ETA on this, is this going to take 2 weeks or 2 months? Nobody is sure. (If I knew that, I would then have some kind of information but that is an unknown factor.)
So I am forced to look into other products or else I will loose this client (and order) and it's not a small order, so I want to do anything in my power to keep it that way, but Fortinet and my distri is forcing me to look elsewhere.
So do any of you guys have any experience with fortigate and other switches products, what works, what does not work? Did you run into any issues with other switches from other brands?
I hope someone can elaborate on this.

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    Re: Best alternative to FS-124E-FPOE 2018/07/11 13:48:23 (permalink)
    From dire experience with an ongoing project, you are absolutely right. Demand has been so overwhelming for this model that FTNT can't keep up. My distri (more or less) cancelled my already confirmed order of FS-124E-POE after 4 weeks.
    My best workaround was to order the FS-224E-POE and negotiate the price. Chances are you could achieve the same. My customer won't even touch all the features of that model, and of course won't pay a penny more. I'm glad if I can pull this project through.


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