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2018/06/08 01:37:43 (permalink)

Routing on FGT100E

I have a problem which i can't figure out. I have isp-router-fgt-l3sw-access switches. L3 sw will do routing for 4 subnets. Fgt has inside and outside interface. Inside int on fgt is aggregated and has mngmt ip address. Uplink from l3 sw is configured as access vlan mngmt subnet. Defsult gw on the sw is the mngmt ip address of the fgt. I'm having thisnissuenwhereni can't figure out how to configure fgt to know about these 5 subnets.
Mngmt subnet:
Wifi guest:
Static route on the fgt to internet public ip

Router will perform nat.

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    Re: Routing on FGT100E 2018/06/10 22:22:55 (permalink)
    you have to add route in fortigate.
    interface < fortigate to l3 switch interface>
    gateway < l3 switch ip address>
    you have to add all the network in l3 switch like this
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    Re: Routing on FGT100E 2018/06/11 01:09:08 (permalink)
    You could simply use a 'super-net' instead of adding one route for each subnet behind the L3 switch, like this:
    on FGT: internal port address =
    on L3 switch: uplink port address =
    background: for each 'directly connected' subnet the FGT adds a route automatically. The 10.10.x.x 'super-net' contains not only the mgmt-LAN but also all 10.10.y.x subnets behind the L3 switch.
    No changes necessary on the switch.
    Or, if you want to do it by the book, add,, on the FGT as static routes. Gateway is the L3 switch uplink address (e.g.
    Don't forget that you need policies to allow traffic from the subnets to the internet. As the switch does the routing between subnets you do not have control over inter-subnet traffic (which is a pity - let the FGT do the routing).


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