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Re: Increase maximum message size 2018/06/13 04:09:11 (permalink)
In summary, Exchange to Exchange SMTP uses a different format to Internet SMTP and has to be re-encoded which changes the email size.  Check the link @Abelio linked, particularly the line:
The common Base64 encoding adds about 37% to the original file size, meaning that an original 20MB file could exceed a 25MB file attachment limit.
15MB + 37% = 20.55MB
Hence a 15MB exchange email would be blocked by a FML with a 20MB limit as FortiMail uses the absolute size including any encoding overheads.  Take this into account when setting your limits.

Carl Windsor
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Re: Increase maximum message size 2018/06/13 05:24:37 (permalink)
    When you attach a binary file to an e-mail the e-mail client converts binary to ascii so there's roughly 30% increase in size which is why you need to set the size limit on the Fortimail higher than the desired file size. See the link from abelio for further details. 
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