Why doesnt fortinet 60d come with FortiGuard?

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2017/11/17 05:37:41 (permalink)

Why doesnt fortinet 60d come with FortiGuard?

Im new to FortiGuard and suprised that to have features such as web filtering you need to purchases a FortiGuard subcription? Surely this should be standard in a firewall costing £600?
Any further explanation from people with one would be great, I havent purchased yet and the support is **** took 45 mins to contact them via chat system then they dont even answer question and dont msg back.

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    Re: Why doesnt fortinet 60d come with FortiGuard? 2017/11/17 07:00:27 (permalink)
    The license is a complete solution of services and components updates.
    App control
    Web Filtering
    Vulnerability Scan
    Mobile Security
    Support + Warranty
    Source: https://www.fortinet.com/content/dam/fortinet/assets/brochures/Brochure-FortiGuard-Security-Services.pdf
    You can use url filter without license: https://docs.fortinet.com/uploaded/files/1660/blocking-access-to-specific-websites.pdf
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    Re: Why doesnt fortinet 60d come with FortiGuard? 2017/11/17 07:06:02 (permalink)
    Do you know exactly what this hardware is worth? How much is for system design, CPU, memory, custom built ASIC, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, dealer's margin? How come you "surely" know 600 quid is enough to include additional services?
    A firewall is not a commodity product, something you pick up at the grocery. In order to fully or even partially use this product to your benefit you should consult a knowledgeable Fortinet partner who will give you information about the hardware, the FortiCare and FortiGuard contracts available. That's his/her job.
    You can find more information about the FortiGate and it's capabilities on Fortinet's website. Some of the protection features use signature databases supplied by Fortinet itself (AV, IPS, WF, botnet blacklist, to name a few) which require constant updates. Research and development of these signatures are done by professionals who make their living from this. So, subscriptions come with a price. As nearly any added value offered, in any aspect of life.
    You can of course run a FortiGate without a UTM subscription (FortiGuard). For AV and IPS, some default (that is, old) signature databases are included. For WF, a policy using WF will not pass traffic without a valid subscription if this feature is used. But you don't have to use this feature at all.
    You can even run a FGT without the very basic FortiCare subscription. FCare will give you the right to update the firmware and, secondly, it prolongs Fortinet's hardware warranty. Different to other products you could even buy 10 years of warranty coverage on a FGT through FCare. Besides, all new features published after the purchase of the hardware come for free - you just need to update the firmware. Which is wise to do anyways, for bug fixes.


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    Re: Why doesnt fortinet 60d come with FortiGuard? 2017/11/19 20:15:08 (permalink)
    I believe that the FortiGate firewalls are competitive with regard to other enterprise class firewalls of this type. The FortiGate firewalls with the support bundle have frequently updated antivirus, intrusion protection, web filtering, and spam filtering databases. There are other solutions available that are less expensive that in my experience don't have the depth of protection available with the FortiGate firewalls.
    FortiGates that we deployed a few years ago are actually much more effective firewalls now as a result of the firmware updates and improvements.
    We have found the Fortinet support to be quite effective and responsive. There are exceptions but they are few and far between. As you have not yet purchased a FortiGate you might have fallen into a non-production firewall support queue.
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