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2015/02/17 01:38:05 (permalink)

Disable SSLVPN webportal page

After pentests we have issue about showing SSLVPN webpage. I need use SSLVPN only in tunnel mode (this is not problem), but without showing any page in browser. I looked on cli and gui and can`t still found any solution, how disable web page, but still have actvite tunnel mode.
Do you have any idea?
Thank you
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Re: Disable SSLVPN webportal page 2015/02/17 04:24:53 (permalink)
I am positive that there is no such option to disable the access to the Web GUI(ssl-vpn) alone.
However, you can remove all the widgets removed from the portal, again, I don't think this will solve your problem.
You can try the below:
config vpn ssl settings
set url-obscuration enable
This field is available when sslvpn-enable(under same vpn ssl settings) is set to enable. Enable to encrypt the host name of the url in the display (web address) of the browser for web mode only. This is a requirement for ICSA ssl vpn certification. Also, if enabled, bookmark details are not visible (field is blank.).

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Re: Disable SSLVPN webportal page 2018/09/17 03:38:16 (permalink)
You can disable "Web Mode" in SSL-VPN Portals.
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Re: Disable SSLVPN webportal page 2019/05/09 01:08:23 (permalink)
I found that even disabling web-mode on all portals still presented a login page on the outside interface.
I left all portals with everything disabled that I could and then in order for this to go away - I had to delete the SSL security policy in policy & objects > IPv4 policy that permitted it and it no longer works.
This is as close as I could find to disabling SSL.
I'm running 6.0.4
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Re: Disable SSLVPN webportal page 2019/07/16 04:11:18 (permalink)
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Hey guys,
I searched info about disabling SSL-VPN and found this.
What I have done is unsetting the options configured through CLI, for example:
config vpn ssl settings
unset port
unset source-interface "wan1"

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