What function of VPN Concentrator?

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2014/05/21 22:58:59 (permalink)

What function of VPN Concentrator?

Hi everyone...

I have confuse about vpn concentrator, anybody help me to describe what is vpn concentrator mean?


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    RE: What function of VPN Concentrator? 2014/05/22 00:57:27 (permalink)

    VPN concentrator is a fancy way of saying vpn gateway device. Typically it' s used to reference a device that concentrator multiple vpn users or tunnels. You can also refer to it as vpn firewall device.

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    RE: What function of VPN Concentrator? 2014/08/12 22:03:06 (permalink)
    VPN concetrator give you the option to create a hub and spoke VPN, used mainly in some distributed topologys, where you need to centralize resources and access them by a secure connection.
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    RE: What function of VPN Concentrator? 2014/08/12 22:27:43 (permalink)
    ...or a simple SSL VPN connection.

    Basically if you enable VPN (IPsec or SSL VPN) on your Fortigate, than you can be a proud owner of an advanced VPN concentrator.
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    RE: What function of VPN Concentrator? 2014/08/13 01:59:02 (permalink)
    David is right - VPN concentrator in the context of FortiOS denotes the central element of a hub-and-spoke VPN where multiple remote sites are connected to a central hub (usually the HQ).
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    Re: RE: What function of VPN Concentrator? 2016/12/05 03:00:12 (permalink)
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    In FortiOS 5.4 this comes back as a setting in the GUI.

    According to the Manual:
    In a hub-and-spoke configuration, policy-based VPN connections to a number of remote peers radiate from a single, central FortiGate unit. Site-to-site connections between the remote peers do not exist; however, you can establish VPN tunnels between any two of the remote peers through the FortiGate unit’s “hub”. In a hub-and-spoke network, all VPN tunnels terminate at the hub. The peers that connect to the hub are known as “spokes”. The hub functions as a concentrator on the network, managing all VPN connections between the spokes. VPN traffic passes from one tunnel to the other through the hub. You define a concentrator to include spokes in the hub-and-spoke configuration. You create the concentrator in VPN > IPsec Concentrator and select Create New. A concentrator configuration specifies which spokes to include in an IPsec hub-and-spoke configuration.
    Concentrator Name: Type a name for the concentrator.
    Available Tunnels: A list of defined IPsec VPN tunnels. Select a tunnel from the list and then select the right arrow.
    Members: A list of tunnels that are members of the concentrator. To remove a tunnel from the concentrator, select the tunnel and select the left arrow.
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